Chennai Center

Meher Asramam        Baba's Chennai Visit

Meher Baba visited Madras three times during 1930, 1934 and April 1947, and stayed with Mr. Sampath Aiyangar, a Jugde in the Andhra District of of the old Madras Presidency.

Meher Baba inaugurated Meher Asramam at Madras. Since Meher Asramam and Meher Bhavan are places  dedicated as a memorial for Meher Baba. 


Meher Asramam and Meher Bhavan are now the centers of Meher Activities in Chennai or previously called Madras. For more details on the activities of the Chennai Center and Meher Asramam please follow the links in our web page or contact the following address :-

For any information on Chennai Centers please contact :-

  • Dr. A.K.Vasumathi, Meher Bhavan, New No 4 (Old No 26),  Brahmin Street, Saidapeth, Chennai-600015.India.



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Baba's  photograph taken at Madras during 1930 and 1947