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God Speaks (Hindi) - "Ishwar Vani"  

by Meher Baba. Translation by Keshav Narayan Nigam. Narayam Press, Hamirpur (UP), India.

  • A vivid description of the theory of creation....using the Sufi, Mystic and Vedic terminology...deepest secrets of the evolution of form and consciousness.. translation in Hindi by Keshav Narayan Nigam, author of " Meher Chalisa"...


by Dr. Surendra Bharnagar, MDS University Campus, Ajmer (Rajasthan), India.Tel   

  • A short decscription of the philosophy of Meher Baba with reference to the Vedic aspects of ....

Maja Meher Ke Saath Mein

by Anna Khandale, Avatar Meher Baba Center, Meher Niwas, Rautwadi, Akola(MS), India.

  • Stories  from Meher Baba's life...

Kripa Nidhan Meher Prabhu

Published by Avatar Meher Baba Bhopal Center.44/20, South T.T. Nagar, Bhopal

  • Stories  from Meher Baba's life...

Avatar Meher Baba Jeevan Darshan

By Dr. Ramkrishna Shrivastava, Published by Avatar Meher Baba Bhopal Center: 44/20, South T.T. Nagar, Bhopal. 1997.

  • A biographical accounts of Meher Baba's life....

How to find Books

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Meher Nazar Books (India)

  • Meher Nazar Books, A.M.B.Trust, PO Bag 13 , King's Road, Ahmednagar 

  • A.M.B. Center, Navyug Niwas, opposite Minerva Cinema, Mumbai.

New Audio productions on Meher Baba

by   Meera


  • A collection of a few of Bhau Kalchuri's songs, along with "Meher Chalisa" and Meher Baba's "Aarti" and "Jap"  by Meera. A 60 minutes audio CD's and Cassettes under production. Now Available at the Meher Nazar Book Shop, Avatar Meher Baba Trust Office, Kings Road, Ahmednagar.(MS)INDIA. 

  • Download Meher Baba's Arti "Aadi Sachetan-Shanti Niketan"  from here


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