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God Speaks (Marathi) - "Ishwar Vachan"  

by Meher Baba. , translation by H.R.Pandit, Gurukripa Prakashan,Snehal Nagar, Wardha, (MS) India, Pin 442 002.

  • A vivid description of the theory of creation....using the Sufi, Mystic and Vedic terminology...deepest secrets of the evolution of form and consciousness.. translation in Marathi by H.R.Pandit of Wardha...

Meher Prasad

Marathi Translation by H.R. Pandit of the original book by Dr. H. P. Bharucha, 

  • A marathi translation of  a small book by Dr. H.P.Bharucha giving a short description of the theory of creation by Meher Baba in Gods-Speak...

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Meher Nazar Books (India)

  • Meher Nazar Books, A.M.B.Trust, PO Bag 13 , King's Road, Ahmednagar 

  • A.M.B. Center, Navyug Niwas, opposite Minerva Cinema, Mumbai.



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