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Shirdi          |       Sakori       |        Kedgaon-Bet     |      Meherabad  


Kalemama, a Civil Engineer by profession was in the Maharastra State Services. He served on many important positions like Chief Executive Officer of Kolhapur Municipal Corporation, Secretary of Dhule Municipal Corporation, State Engineer at Akkalkote Sansthan etc. Kalemama met Meher Baba in 1926 at Meherabad for the first time. He soon became a close Mandali and disciple of Meher Baba.  Kalemama extensively traveled with  Meher Baba to many places. He also supervised the various construction work at Meherabad. 

Kalemama also had the rarest opportunity to meet the living Sadguru's  Shri Sai Baba  of Shirdi, Sadguru Shri Upasni Maharaj of Sakori and Sadguru Shri Narayan Maharaj of Kedgaon-Bet. It was during 1939  while he was spending sometime at his daughter's place, who was married to Shri K.B.Pandit founder Principal of the well known  "Sanjeevani Vidhyalaya" of Panchgani, Kalemama wrote his memoirs of his meeting with the Perfect Masters. The  Rare Scanned images of Kalemama's original Diary in his own handwriting mentioning these   privileged meetings with  the Perfect Masters  and Meher Baba are available in this section of our Web Site for general information and record. 

Kalemama's son Murli was also Baba's close Mandali and a New Life Companion. He was with Meher Baba since the Prem Ashram boys days of 1927. Murli  qualified himself in homeopathy and looked after the Meherabad dispensary. He later became Baba's New Life Companion. Murli endeared Meher Baba with his consistently exemplary behavior in conforming with the conditions of the New Life. After the New Life Murli was permitted by Meher Baba through New Life Circular No: 27, to settle at Jabalpur and practice Homeopathy. 

Meeting the  Perfect Masters

Kalemama's original  Diary Pages

Shirdi          |         Sakori       |        Kedgaon-Bet     |      Meherabad  

Kalemama & Murli with old group at Meherabad

Kalemama  reading Geeta for Baba - Meherazad

Kalemama  with Baba at Meherabad during 1936.

Kalemama & Murli

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