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Hamirpur is situated in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. This is near Chitrakoot, a place of Pilgrimage for the Hindu devotees of Rama. Hamirpur has a very special significance for the disciples of  Meher Baba, as at Meherasthana, a place near  Hamirpur, Meher Baba  declared Himself as the "Avatar of the Age". 

It so happened on the 10 of February during 1954 in Meherasthana, at midnight, Meher Baba asked the disciples present to wash their hands and mouth and prepare for a prayer. After the prayers were read, Meher Baba dictated on His alphabet board "Avatar Meher Baba ke Jai", and raised His hands to hail the declaration.

Later with Baba's permission  a beautiful temple of Meher Baba  has been constructed at Nauranga, named "Meher Dham".  Maharani of Baroda State and Adi Sr. attended the opening ceremony of the temple as Baba's reprenestative.

Now every year, on 18th and 19th of November a "Meher Prem Mela" is held to celebrates the first visit of the Avatar. Several other activities like a school and Baba Center are also run by the  Meherpuri Trust.

A monthly Magazine on Meher Baba named "Meher Pukar" is also being published from Hamirpur, edited by Mr. Shaligram Sharma, and eminent philosopher and disciple of Meher Baba.

The villagers of Hamirpur, Meherastana and Nauranga are a vivid expression of the simplicity and dedication to Meher Baba.

For any further inquiry pilgrims may contact:


Mr. Shaligram Sharma

  • 9/88 Meher Nazar, Meherpuri, Hamirpur 210301(UP)  Phone 05282-22217

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