Jabalpur is the approximate center of India. Situated on the banks for river Narmada, this city was one of the seven places in the world where Meher Baba opened a Mast Ashram. Meher Baba stayed in Jabalpur for nearly six months and conducted a lot of Mast work, in and around Jabalpur. Several Masts of very high order were brought to Jabalpur from Elichpur, Amravati, Ahmednagar, Seoni and many other places. Jal Kerawala was the Extra-Asstt-Commissioner of Jabalpur during Baba's 1938-39 visit, who looked after every possible need. Baba is seen in the above photo washing his hands in Narmada river near Jabalpur.

Meher Baba contacted several Masts at Mandla, a place nearly 100 kms from Jabalpur. At Mandla, Meher Baba received a gift of a large portion of Land from one of the Land Lords, for His spiritual activities. At Mandla Meher Baba constructed Meher Kuti, which was later abandoned. This Kuti, in it's design, is exact replica of the Samadhi at Meherabad. Click here to see a photograph of this Kuti.

Jabalpur is situated on the Railway Map very well and is connected to all the four Metro's of India. One can easily travel to Jabalpur by Train. A regular Air service is also expected to start for Jabalpur shortly. However it is a overnight journey from Bhopal, Delhi, and 18 hours from Bombay. From Pune and Ahmednagar, also a direct Train Gyanganga Express is available for Jabalpur.

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Places to see in Jabalpur


  • Marble Rocks water fall:-

  • Meher Baba visited this water fall on the Christmas day of 1938. This fall is on the river Narmada and is barely 18 kms away from Jabalpur city. Click here to see Meher Baba's photograph standing before this gracious fall. Transport is very easily available from Jabalpur city. Also a Taxi for the purpose can be hired.

  • Mast Ashram Building:-

  • The Mast Ashram Building of Meher Baba has been reconstructed some time ago. But visitors can see the probable site of the building on Narbaba road.

  • Mandla Meher Kuti:-

  • Pilgrims can reach Mandla from Jabalpur which is nearly 100 kms, by the State Transport Bus. A taxi can also be hired from Jabalpur to see the Meher Kuti at Mandla, and Kanha National Park, just 65 kms from Mandla. This park is one of the best Wild Life Sanctuaries of India. A round trip from Jabalpur to  Kanha National Park can be arranged by a Taxi from Jabalpur. There is however a Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation's Resort in Kanha. And booking for stay can be availed through e-mail and Telephone. For more information please see www.mptourism.com 

  • Jabalpur Center:-

  • The Avatar Meher Baba Jabalpur center is situated at Raja Sagar's place Dixitpura Jabalpur where regular meetings are held on every Sunday from 5 to 7 pm. Mr. Sharad Upadhyaya, 72, Footatal, Jabalpur, is the Secretary of Jabalpur Center. He can be contacted on Telephone No: 0761-2651285.

Meher Baba's Mast Work in Madhya Pradesh

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