Pune is one of the finest cities of Maharastra. This is nearly 3 hours journey from Bombay. Pune is fully equipped with Travel Agencies, Taxies, a Air Service and, so on. It is also on a well supported Railway Map. When in Pune please contact Avatar Meher Baba Pune Center, for further information.

Pune has a regular schedule of the Bus service for Ahmednagar and Bombay. It takes nearly 2 hours 30 minutes to reach Ahmednagar, from Pune. Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani are the other very good Hill stations near Pune which are worth visiting once, if you can spare one entire day.

A taxi can be easily hired, which will take you to the Hill Stations in the morning, just after breakfast, and show you the various natural points. Remember to buy fresh cherries on the way, which you will get in plenty. The last point to see is however the Sun-Set point, and you may return back to Pune, after visiting the Sun set point by dinner time. Meher Baba also visited Panchgani, several times.

For your convenience we have reviewed some of the web sites on Pune and other needed sources, which you may also try if you need more information.

Places to see in Pune


  • Hazrat Babajan's Tomb:-

  • Hazrat Babajan's Tomb is situated on the Dastur Meher Road, beneath a neem tree. Babajan always sat beneath this tree, and Merwan met Her at this place for the first time.

  • Meher Baba House:-

  • Meher Baba House is a private family residence, however pilgrims are allowed to visit the House and Baba's room between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 to 8:00 pm. The House is situated at 765, Dastur Meher Road, and the alley is located to the left of Fatima General Stores and across from Ahuramazda Cycle Stores. Meher Baba kept himself secluded in His room after Hazarat Babajan kissed Him on the forehead, and gave Him Self-Realization.

  • Pumpkin House:-

  • Pumpkin House is the place where Meher Baba spent some time as a child until 1918. This is situated opposite the Meher Baba House. This got a unusual name because of a large round stone, at the entrance of the house, which resembles a Pumpkin.

  • Guruprasad Memorial:-

  • The Guruprasad, palace where a number of darshan programs of Meher Baba, including the famous, East-West gathering of 1962, were held, belonged to the Maharani of Baroda. Presently a small memorial building, surrounded by a small garden, is available. Meher Baba's chair, which He used for giving Darshan, is kept inside the memorial. Now it is within the heart of the City of Pune, but one feels Baba's presence, inside the memorial.

  • Bund Gardens:-

  • This garden is famous for a large mango tree with a cement base, where Babajan often sat. Meher Baba also visited this Garden several times. On, one such occasion of Meher Baba visiting the garden, however a film was also taken.

  • Sassoon Hospital:-

  • On February 25, 1894, Meher Baba was born in this Hospital. The room in which Baba was born is now preserved as a memorial, with Meher Baba's photo, inside. This room is open for visitors during the hospital hours. The Hospital is very large and is well known in Pune, and simply a taxi, or autorikshaw may take you there.

  • Avatar Meher Baba Pune Center:-

  • Located behind the K.E.M. Hospital, you reach here though a narrow lane, from the mail road. The center has a large Hall, where Meher Baba gave darshans many a times. Every year a number of small pamphlets are published by this center. Also a number of books in Marathi and English are available in the Center. Visitors are welcome to attend the weekly meetings on every Mondays at 7:00 pm. The Address of the Center is:- 441/1, Somwar Peth, Behind K.E.M. Hospital, Pune-411001. Tel: 020-26127846. Secretary, Mr. K.K. Ramkrishan.


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