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Beloved Baba's Ramarao Passed Away on 7 th October 2010.



V.Ramarao (Meherabad)


Ramarao Passed Away on 7 th October 2010.
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Ramarao is one of the Happy faces seen at Meherabad. He is well known to the Andhra Groups and many Westerners and most of the Pilgrims from India, for his constantly helping attitude and the many wonderful stories of his life with Baba.

Ramarao born 1926, now almost 80, was Superintendent of I.T.I. Hostel at Koni in Bilaspur district of (India) when he came in contact with Meher Baba. Presently he is staying at Meherabad, amidst all odds, befitting himself to Baba's work in his own way, in spite of the fact that he possesses a family of Children and grand children, all well placed in India and United States. He has given us some of the images and 2 letters out of the many which he received from Meher Baba for publication on trustMeher website. The Scanned from original images of them are placed below :

Ramarao's Collection (letters are from Baba) Click to Enlarge.


Ramarao with wife.   Ramarao with Sons, daughter and grand children



Letter from Baba 1965 - Bhau



Letter from Baba 1965 - Nana Kher


Soon we hope to have more letters and images from Ramarao's collection. Also following is one photograph with Baba taken at Meherabad during the year 1955, where Ramarao is also present. (Sitting at Meher Baba's feet in Black Coat).


Ramarao's Collection (Click on the Image to Enlarge.)


Baba with Group at Meherabad 1955 - Ramarao is seen seated at Meher Baba's feet in Black Coat


Navabharat Gurukulam - 1953 Andhra. Ramarao is seen standing 2nd from < Left.


Andhra Tour of Baba 1953 - Ramarao first from < Left. Small boy Behind Baba is Dr.C.D.Deshmukh's son.


1957 Prime Minister of India Nehru's visit to Bilaspur. Baba's Disciple and Member of Parliament Amar Singh Sahgal is seen with Nehru. Mini Mata another Member of Parliament is also seen. Ramarao is in white Gandhi Cap as a volunteer. (Image quality is poor.)


If you are interested to read some of the wonderful stories of his life with Meher Baba  as told by Ramarao, presented here in his own handwritten script, please click below:


Read Stories by Ramarao :-


Although Ramarao has an email address which we do not expect him to use every day, but any way you can send him an email there and hope that he will see it some time in a week or two. For any Urgent communication he has a Telephone and also a Cellular Number with him as given below.

Contact info:


Post Office: MEHERABAD, District : AHMEDNAGAR - 414006 (MS) India . Telephone: 91- 0241- 2548797 Cellular:0.94231.66785