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(Meher Baba's Samadhi - Ahmednagar district Maharastra State - India.


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Meherabad is the Heart of all activities for the Pilgrims, as Meher Baba's physical body is kept in-side His "Samadhi" on top of a Hill Called Meherabad Hill. This Samadhi of Meher Baba is situated in Ahmednagar District of Maharastra State in India.

Ahmednagar is more often referred as Nagar in Maharastra by the local citizens. Nagar and Ahmednagar both are same places, hence the pilgrims should not get confused between them. Ahmednagar city is located about 117 Km from Pune city. This is just a two and half hours drive, from Pune.

Pilgrims may reach Ahmednagar city either from Pune, or from Mumbai or Manmad. There is a regular Bus service from Pune to Nagar which takes 2 ½ hours. From Mumbai or Bombay also regular Bus service is available, which takes around 7 hours.

Ahmednagar is well connected with the Train route from Pune, Mumbai and Manmad junctions. All major trains pass via Ahmednagar. Please refer to the Mumbai Central Railway site for more information on the local Railway Time Table.

The Pilgrims may visit Beloved Meher Baba's Samadhi on all days of the year from 6.30 a.m. To 8 p.m., Every day. The "Arti" is performed at 7 in the morning and 7 in the evening, followed by a Bhajans singing by the Pilgrims for 30 minutes.

For obtaining permission to stay at Meherabad, you are supposed to write to the Avatar Meher Baba Trust in advance. There are however two types of the residential accommodation available in Meherabad.


Where to Stay


  • The Meher Pilgrim Retreat:- is a self sufficient place which is open around 9 months in a year. ( From 15 June to Mid March) . Apart from accommodation you are also provided with morning Tea at 6 a.m., Breakfast at 8 a.m., Lunch at 1 p.m., And again afternoon Tea at 4 p.m. Followed by Dinner at 8 p.m. The "Samadhi" upon the Hill is at a walking distance from the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat.

  • Also the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat provides the pilgrims with a bed, towel, blanket a personal Almira, combined toilets for use, and hot water for bathing on alternate days.

  • The food in the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat caters to the Eastern and Western taste, both, as the Westerners also stay in the Center. The food is strictly vegetarian, however eggs are frequently used. You may get Bhakri, Paratha, and Roti every day. The necessary expenses towards your stay per day may please be inquired from the office.

  • The Trust wishes certain code of conduct to be observed at the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat, most important of which is that the Men and Women Pilgrims have to stay in Separate Rooms, and not together, even if they are the members of the same family. However men and women are allowed to meet and talk to each other out side their rooms, and in the dining Hall.

  • No accommodation is provided in the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat without the prior information of the Trust. Hence all pilgrims visiting Meherabad are requested to write to the Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust, clearly mentioning the name, age, and sex of the person, and giving the date and time of arrival and departure. However the pilgrims using e-mail, may send a e-mail requesting for their accommodation to:-

Tel.: +91.241.2548211 (Meher Pilgrim Retreat)

  • Alternatively, for your booking in the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat you may write to the "Pilgrim Reservations", C/o Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust, Post Bag No: 31, Kings Road, Ahmednagar, (MS), India. Pin Code: 411 001. Tel (O) 0241- 2548211, Clearly giving details of number of male and females and children in the group, along with date and time of arrival and departure.

  • Apart from just a stay, regular programs, like lectures and Film shows on Meher Baba are arranged in the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat on scheduled days.


  • Hostel D:- There is alternate accommodation available at the Hostel D. This Hostel is situated behind the Old Meher Pilgrim Center. The Hostels provide the same facility like morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to the Pilgrims, with Bed, towels, Blankets, etc, but at a affordable cost.

  • The Men and Women pilgrims are however boarded separately at the Hostel also.

  • The Hostels do not serve eggs, and we have found the food more inclined towards the Indian spicy taste, and with lesser varieties in nature. However it is purely vegetarian.

  • Hostel are indeed more suitable for larger groups.

  • For obtaining accommodation in the Hostels you may write to "Dharamshala Reservations", C/o Mr. Jal P. Dastoor, Trustee, Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust, Post Office Meherabad, District Ahmednagar (MS), India, Pin code: 4140005.

  • It may please be noted that no other accommodation is available at Meherabad, except at Meher Pilgrim Center or Hostels, hence you must take care to write to the Trust, well in advance and secure accommodation for your family. There is no alternative accommodation available nearby Meherabad, hence it is advised that Pilgrims willing to stay, may only go there after securing accommodation. Otherwise they can always seek accommodation in the List of Hotels or www.hotelsanket.com in the Ahmednagar Town.

  • However a pilgrim can always go to the "Samadhi" for Darshan, irrespective of where he is staying.

  • The necessary expenses towards your stay per day, may please be inquired from the office.


Meherazad is a secluded place, nearly 24 kms from the Ahmednagar township, towards Pimpalgaon village. This place was chosen by Meher Baba for His personal Residence, and for the stay of His mandli or the companions.

The Meherazad consists of a House where Meher Baba stayed with His intimate, men and women disciples, or more frequently called, His mandli. Along with the house is a rose garden. This property has rooms which are now turned in to a place of Pilgrimage, like Baba's room. And the rooms belonging to Mehera and Baba's sister Mani.

Baba's room has Baba's bed where He slept, and the useful things, so used by Him. Also the place has many significant things attached to the life of the Avatar.

There is also one Mandli Hall, which is a small construction that can accommodate 50-60 persons at a time. Baba's chair is kept in the Hall, from where Meher Baba, gave personal interviews and attended to the correspondence addressed to Him, during His long stay in the place.

Behind the quarters, there is a Hill called, the Seclusion Hill. This is significant, as Meher Baba frequently spent time on the Hill, under strict seclusion. Pilgrims may climb the Hill, with due permission of the resident Trustee's and while abiding by the rules of the place.

Small sessions of talk or questions and answers, about Meher Baba, is routinely held in the Mandli Hall, for a short duration. Pilgrims are requested to join such sessions.

Pilgrims are expected to come to Meherazad in their personal or hired vehicles, if they are not staying in Meherabad. For pilgrims staying in Meher Pilgrim Center or the Hostels, a Bus transportation is provided by the Trust on scheduled days.

No one is allowed to stay at Meherazad, pilgrims are expected to visit and leave the place, immediately after the visitors hours are over, towards their alternate accommodation in Meher Pilgrim Center, Hostels or their personal accommodation at Hotels etc.

Meher Baba's "Samadhi"

Avatar Meher Baba's "Samadhi" or the Tomb Shrine is situated on the small Hill called Meherabad Hill in the Ahmednagar district  of Maharastra, India. It is a place of International Pilgrimage as thousands of Pilgrims of all cast, creed and religion, come here every year to pay their homage to the Ancient One. Meher Baba declared Himself to be the Avatar of The Age.

Meher Baba during His early days of stay at Meherabad in 1927, got a pit excavated on the Meherabad Hill, with a view that the same place may one day become the resting place for His physical remains, after He drops the Body. And not just that, He often spent time inside the pit, that was constructed there, for His inner spiritual work in seclusion.

Later in 1930's  a Dome was constructed over the pit, under the exclusive direction of Meher Baba which is now the present "Samadhi". This "Samadhi" has a dome like structure with symbols from all the important religions of the world and with "Mastery in Servitude" inscribed on it. Click here to see the inside Photograph of the "Samadhi".

On 31st January 1969, when Meher Baba dropped His physical form, the same was brought to this "Samadhi" as per His instructions, and kept inside this place for His final darshan, to the thousands of devotees that were pouring from all parts of India, and the world. It was kept open for darshan to the masses until February the 7th 1969, or for seven days. There after, the same was covered with a Marble Slab.

Meher Baba often referred that this small place Meherabad would soon become the place of a World Pilgrimage, and now we see that people from all corners of the world are coming to touch the "Samadhi", which is the resting place for the Avatar, and the emerging place for His Divine consciousness.

The "Samadhi" is open all days of the year, for darshan to the pilgrims, from 6.30 in the morning until 8 in the evening. Meher Baba's "Aarti" is performed every morning and evening at perfect Seven "O" clock, followed by singing of Bhajans and songs by the pilgrims who come to visit, for nearly 30 minutes. Pilgrims are requested to make it a point to visit Meherabad during the "Prayers and Aarti " time.

From morning to evening the "Samadhi" is open to all for darshan, which can be availed by standing in a queue for the purpose. It is expected that pilgrims shall observe Silence in-side and around the "Samadhi".

It is permitted to keep garlands and flowers on Baba's "Samadhi" to decorate and pay homage, while keeping "Money" is not considered proper. It is therefore, expected that the pilgrims should seek due permission of the persons on duty before performing any thing un-usual.

The Meherabad Hill, also has a museum, near the "Samadhi", which is full of Rare collections, from the life of Meher Baba. A Library is also under construction behind the Hill, which shall be operative after some time. It is always desired that the pilgrims may seek more information from the persons on duty to make full advantage of their trip.

There is also Baba's room near the "Samadhi", and the "samadhi's" of Baba's principle disciple Mehera, Baba's sister Mani, and other disciples.

It was in Meherabad on the 10th of July 1925 that Meher Baba began observing Silence, which He continued until He dropped His body in 1969. During these 44 years He communicated through a Alphabet Board, and later through His hand gestures. It is therefore, on Baba's "Samadhi" His famous saying "I have come Not to teach, but to Awaken" is inscribed.

On 31st January every year, thousands of pilgrims gather at the Hill to remember the day when Meher Baba dropped His physical body in 1969, and observe Silence from 12 to 12.15 noon. A variety of cultural functions follow, from the 30th of January until 1st February. Meher Baba's birthday is also celebrated by His disciples, on 25th of February, every year, in every corner of the World.

Meher Baba's "Samadhi" is the place where every one has a share of the Master's Grace, which he must come one day or other, to receive, in His divine Silence.

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