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Mehera-Meher is the story of an intimate, Divine Romance between the Beloved & his closest disciple. The three-volume hardbound set draws deeply from Mehera's firsthand narrative gathered from over 200 hours of tape recordings made by the author, David Fenster, from the years 1974 to 1982. To this he painstakingly researched and added other historical material from Mehera and those close to her to create an epic, 1700-page biography of Avatar Meher Baba's foremost woman disciple.

About the books
Elegantly designed and abundantly illustrated, each volume has been fully indexed and contains appendices, such as lists of songs, music, films & books Baba and Mehera enjoyed, and Mehera's family tree.

The boxed set and volumes are hardbound with cloth binding.

About the author
David Fenster has lived in India for 27 years. He is the editor of several of his father-in-law, Bhau Kalchuri's, books, including Meher Sarod, Meher Roshini, While the World Slept, and the 20-volume Lord Meher series.


On Mehera-Meher

Mehera-Meher will be read with great interest and appreciation by Baba lovers, who want to know as much as they can about Avatar Meher Baba, in whose life Mehera played such a vital role Hearing Mehera speak of her life with Baba to pilgrims over the years, the author was so touched by her love for Baba that he was prompted to write what he could of her story, using what he had heard directly from her & what he had gathered from others' recounting of events ... The wide collection of photos that the author has included enrich the book with the visual presence of Baba and Mehera, and bring to life the quality of their relationship in a way words could never do [T]he result of his many years of sincere effort will be welcomed by the Baba-world.
-- Meheru, Mehera's niece and one of Meher Baba's women mandali
from the Introduction to Mehera-Meher

David has dedicated much of his life to the creation of this work about Mehera. Mehera herself gave him many, many hours of private time with her, sharing her life with Baba, to enable David to begin a picture of her life and of the Beloved himself from his beloved's eyes. David tracked down others around the world who were blessed witnesses to this great Love Story, and added their stories and perceptions. Many of these stories would have been lost were it not for David's focus and effort.
N Janet Judson, editor of Mehera and longtime Meherabad resident

A revolutionary book not just the story of Mehera and the women mandali, but the story of Baba's personal life - everything that was not included in Lord Meher, which is more the story of Baba's public life and statements, and the way he acted towards the men mandali. Mehera-Meher is the story of Baba as a man, shown in his relationship with the women. This story, and the story of Mehera and the women, has never been told before in the recorded works we have of past advents. It made me see Baba in a way I never had before and could not have without this story. It has meant more to me than all the other Baba books I have ever read.
-- Julia Ross, Instructor of English, Coastal Carolina University
and one of the editors of Mehera-Meher

Mehera-Meher is a great book. I can't recommend it highly enough. It is jam-packed with information and anecdotes which, I think for most of us, will be totally new. This is obviously going to be the definitive book on Mehera for some time to come. And yet, that is not why I am urging everyone to read it. What I found completely fascinating was the incredibly vivid picture it painted of what life was like, not just for Mehera, but for all the women mandali. It made the complex interpersonal dynamics of the women come alive in a way which, for the first time, gave me a real feel for what it must have been like to live that life. And, in so doing, it made the intimate relationship each of the women had with Meher Baba palpable. Suddenly the stories became more than just anecdotes, they became the interplay of love itself. I gained more than an intellectual insight into ashram life, I felt the emotional significance of that life. And, in this context, Mehera's life and the special role Baba developed for her, made sense in a way I could never understand or appreciate before. I found myself in tears as I read the last few chapters. What else can I say? Buy this book.
-- Steve Klein, author of Praise In Complaint and O Beloved; editor of
Letters From the Mandali and Glimpses of the God-Man series

Through David Fenster's 30-year labor of love, you may now have some idea of what it was like to meet Meher Baba and fall madly in love with him. You can now imagine what it was like to hear young Meher Baba's sweet voice sing in the night, to feed Baba, to wait anxiously for him to visit, to comb his hair, to wash his clothes, to fly across an ocean with him, to travel dusty roads with him, to watch a Bob Hope movie with him, to walk beside him in the woods, to bleed with him in a ditch, to receive a teaspoon of orange juice by his hand, to place your cheek against his, to kiss him, to inhale the fragrance of Meher Baba, to live to please him. I never met Mehera, but through Mehera-Meher I have met her a thousand times, and she has confided in me the secrets of her divine romance with Meher Baba.
-- Ed Legum, designer of Mehera-Meher



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