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New Meher Baba Web Sites of 2008

 Meher Spiritual University
 MSU aims to impart real spiritual education on various spiritual subjects. Real spiritual education gives the gift of spiritual knowledge and the real spiritual knowledge fills the heart of the recipient with love for God. Real spiritual education brings about a total value reorientation in the daily life of the recipient. His or her daily life becomes the living precept



New Meher Baba Web Sites of 2007

Kendra's NoteBook   Meher Media

Blog on Meher Baba started by Kendra Crossen Burroughs. You may find interesting information, Summaries, Talks and postings on Baba by Kendra.


Meher Media provides audio, video, and print media relevant to Meher Baba's life and teaching. Our offerings are available for download in streaming digital format, and they may also be ordered for offline delivery in digital media and print formats.

Spanish Web Site on Baba   Heartland Center Web Site
Spanish Web site on Meher Baba by Kendra.   New Web site of Avatar Meher Baba Heartland Center

New Meher Baba Web Sites of 2006

The Awakener Magazine Web Site


The Awakener Website site contains all of the volumes of the Awakener Magazine published during the years 1953-1986 by Filis Frederick, with the direct approval from Meher Baba. The 68 magazines contain helpful discourses and messages given by Meher Baba, some specifically for the Awakener magazines, ..... More

Meher Baba and Me

Meher Baba and me presents a refreshingly different perspective on the lover/Beloved 'play'. By turns poignant, irreverent, earthy and zany; this book clearly conveys the joy and wonder ... in having the God-man as one's intimate Friend and confidant. More

Iranian Baba Site

Small yet beautiful Web Site on Meher Baba from Iran ... More .

New Meher Baba Web Sites of 2005 !

Discourses Meher Baba Cards MeherNityaCreations


Chinese WebSite Mandali Hall Talk

Bangalore Baba Center

Norcal Baba Center

Web Sites on Meher Baba

Avatar Meher Baba Trust

  • A New web site of Avatar Meher Baba Trust, giving complete details of the activities, projects. places to see, Books, how to make arrangements for stay at Meherabad etc... Just released on the 23rd of November 2003...

Lord Meher

  • The ultimate resource on the web.  Entire 20 volumes of Lord Meher on the web now. Use the search feature to search for a Key-string. Great work!. Thank you all who made this possible.

Avatar Meher Baba

  • A complete site.... a  winner in information about Meher Baba.....lots of links...photographs... information...most comprehensive to know Baba.

Meher Baba  

  • Enough  information for easy surf....a must see for all... on-line discussion forum, FAQ's ...Contact information for USA centers. 

Meher Info Web sites.

  • New Web sites with great collection of Meher Baba's words and teachings.

Beloved Archive, Inc.   

  • New Web site from the house of Glow International, and Naosherwan Anzar. A Project dedicated to preservation of the active material, photographs, documents relating to Meher Baba and His work.

Beloved Archives, Inc.  •  599 Edison Drive, East Windsor, NJ 08520, USA.
Tele: (609) 426-4345  •  Fax: (609) 448-5276

Meher Baba New Delhi Center

  • The URL to this site has slightly changed. Please correct your Bookmarks with above new URL. A Web site on Avatar Meher Baba from New Delhi Center. Lot of information and Baba's prayers in Hindi also. Centers Address: - Avatar Meher Baba Delhi Center, 50-A Tughlakabad Institutional Area, MB Road, Near Batra Hospital, Opp. Blood Bank and adjacent to Annamalai University, New Delhi-110062.Tel No: (91-11) 26084759.   (Updated on 2nd November 2005.)


  • Very beautiful site ... you will hear music throughout your visit to the Site .. information, links to other sites, guest book, live chat with Bhau ji, during his US tour, Jai Baba classifieds  etc..

Sheriar Books

  • Meher Baba books, videos, music, photos and art prints and a great selection of spiritual literature from other traditions.

Bhopal Center

  • Detailed information on Meher Baba.... information about books ... songs to be downloaded ..  and much more .... the most valued  Indian site by Dr. Chinmaya Rathore...  thanks to him for a great contribution ....

Secretary, Meher Baba Bhopal Centre 40/1,South T.T. Nagar, Bhopal, Pin Code No: 462003,M.P.India. Phone +91-755-775739 /  +91-755-763333 /   Fax +91-755-761605


Web Site on Meher Baba from Israel

Web Site on Meher Baba from Israel by Etzion Becker..

Hyderabad Center

  • Information on Meher Baba's work in Andhra, Hyderabad visit.... Contact information on Hyderabad Center...Baba in Hyderabad.

  • Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad [Koti] centre,
    Door No: 4-7-297/A, 
    Esamia Bazar,
    Hyderabad - 500 027 

  • Meher Chand Nori, Advocate
    10-3.294/1, Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad - 500028
    Tel.:040-23535592 Mobile.: 9246586261

  • MVRK Balaji - Meher MownVani Publications . Hyderabad Tel: 040-24566515

Welcome Home 

  • A Guide for Traveling to Meherabad and Meherazad. A lot of travel information,  Maps, etc ...Specially compiled for Westerners on how to travel in India.

Search Light Books

  • Very good site for books, videos and films on Baba ... details of lots of books ... films ... video ... and much more..... the site has a beautiful interface .... 

Meher Baba 

  • Beautiful interface...links  to  other sites .... a work of art.

UK Site  

  • Books, Baba in England, News letter, Events in England, links  to  other Sites .... The  Meher Baba Association...Prayers, videos, quotes.. designed as Baba's seven colored flag.

Flat No:1, 228,Hammersmith Grove
0208-7434408 (24Hrs-Ansaphone)

Meher Baba 

  • Beautiful interface...links  to  other sites .... a work of art.

UK Site  

  • Books, Baba in England, News letter, Events in England, links  to  other Sites .... The  Meher Baba Association...Prayers, videos, quotes.. designed as Baba's seven colored flag.

Flat No:1, 228,Hammersmith Grove
0208-7434408 (24Hrs-Ansaphone)

Meher Baba Card's

  • I have made these computer generated paintings into cards which are mounted on different colored mattes on white or cream linen cardstock with matching envelopes. I choose the color of cardstock for each card which I feel works best to enhance Baba's image ... Cherie Plumlee [from her web site]

Meher Rose Site

  • This site is very personal and gives witness to His Presence within the life of Patricia Caswell. She felt Meher Baba was directing her to put this site out and would like it to reach as many as possible . . . . "Patricia Caswell"

Australian Sites

  • Australian sites. Celebration from Friday 8th June to Monday 11th June2001, ....43rd Anniversary...... in memory of Meher Baba's visit.....

Avatar's Abode Trust
P.O. Box 184
Woombye  Queensland  4559

Love Street Book Store 

  • Love Street Book Store is a Online Book Store with Lots of Book with Separate Departments to select from. The Love Street Bookstore is part of the:Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California MeherAbode South Van Ness Avenue Los Angeles, California 90019-3520Phone: 323-731-3737.

Bookstore Phone:
Dina Snow: 310-837-6419 from 6:00-10:00 PM Weekdays

Fax Number:
310-839-BABA (2222)

Meher Mount

  • Meher Mount is in the Upper Ojai Valley 2.5 miles up the hill on Sulphur Mountain Road, Pamela and Billy Goodrum, Caretakers.


  • 9902 Sulphur Mountain Road
    Ojai, CA 93023
    United States

Meher Spiritual Center 

  • 500 acres spiritual retreat....Established in 1950 .... is several miles north of the Myrtel Beach in USA....  site contains photographs and movie clips of Meher Baba visiting the retreat.


  • Meherana is a universal center for spiritual renewal dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba and His principles of active love and service to both the Meher Baba community and all humanity. It is intended for the enhancement and strengthening of spiritual life, without supplanting professed religious convictions or beliefs..

5311 Italian Creek Rd.
Mariposa CA 95338
(209) 966-5078

Sheriar Foundation 

  • Sheriar Foundation, a non-profit organization, is focused on broadening awareness of Avatar Meher Baba thru books, videos and information about Meher Baba. Web Masters E-mail :- Sheriar Foundation.

Sheriar Foundation, Post Office Box 1612, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29598. Phone (843) 272-7282. Fax: (843) 272 - 1812

Glow International   

  • Every one knows about this most wonderful magazine ..... just find a little more.... Edited by Naosherwan  Anzar. 


    The Meher Baba Work
    P.O. Box 10
    New York, N.Y. 10185
    Meher Nazar
    4, Parkland Apartments
    13,13/1 Eagle Street
    Langford Town, Bangalore
    560 025 Karnataka, INDIA

Wodins Art  [New URL]

  • Art gallery...semi-animated video storybook about Meher Baba.

Awakeners Adobe 

  • The Awakeners Adobe ....  Avatar Meher Baba Intentional Community Forum .... Gust Book, Chat forum

Meher Baba Kilden  

  • The Norweigian Meher Baba site ... in English. Eric Solibakk. 


  • Eric Solibakke, Meher Baba Kilden, Tennisveien 2F 0777 Oslo Norway Tel: +47 922 87 823

Norwegian Baba page

  • Jai Baba! Velkommen til de norske Meher Baba sidene.

  • Eric Solibakke, Meher Baba Kilden, Tennisveien 2F 0777 Oslo Norway Tel: +47 922 87 823

Poetry of the Heart  & Mind

American Youth Sahavas 

  • Youth Sahavas on Meher Baba.

Australian Youth Sahavas 

  • Youth Sahavas on Meher Baba.. Beautiful web site.

 Meher Baba House 

  • Meher Baba house... Events in the New York Area. Also Bulletin Board. Meher Baba House Information Line (212) 787-9817.

Media Works 

  • Art works......lots of paintings.. thumbnails etc. The Witness Series Video Collection. Meher Baba tracts and Cards.

  • Gateway Mediaworks
    400 25th Avenue South
    Myrtle Beach SC 29577
    Phone (843) 626-6871
    Fax (843) 626-2478

Meher Baba Calendar

  • A real work of  art....Calendar of Meher Baba washing hands in the Narmada river near Jabalpur ....very inspiring. Laura Goode's design .. Work started on Calendar for 2001.

Meher Cast 

  • The initial mission for Meher Cast, is the audio broadcast of stories of Meher Baba's life as told by his close circle of disciples, his Mandali. 

Meher Baba Information  Center Chicago 

  • Information Center of Chicago. Calendar of Events. Guest Book. 946 W. Hubbard Chicago, IL 60622 (312) 633-0696

Meher Baba  Washington DC   Center

The Washington D.C. Meher Baba Community


Meher Baba Information Center
of Chicago

946 W. Hubbard
Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 633-0696

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  • Information compiled by us is gathered  from various  sources  and due care has been taken. It is  however  only intended  for  general reference and guidance of the disciples of Meher Baba. For using the information contained in this site, for any specific purposes,  the same may please be confirmed from  your own sources. All quotes of Meher Baba are the copyright of Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust. Please contact Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust, Kings Road, Ahmednagar, (MS), India  for any further guidance.



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