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Article by Debabrata :


While treading through the concepts of the eternal journey of an Individual Soul (Jeevatma) and its ultimate goal of regaining the consciousness that it is part of the Supreme Soul (Shivatma), one finds that the Individual Soul passes through different bodies or forms during different births or incarnations, gradually updating and re-updating its consciousness

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This nicely explained articles by Debabrata Satpathy of New-Delhi, on Avatar Meher Baba and His messages and philosophy.

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Article by Dr.J.S.Rathore :

A new article " Parvardigar Prayer & The Prayer of Repentance: By Dr.J.S.Rathore

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Baba's Words: To be Etched on Stone or Etched on Hearts
Article by Professor J.S. Rathore

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Meherabad the Hill of Celestial Light - by A.R. Abdulla
(Full Text available on web site)

By A.R. Abdulla. He is Meher Baba's noted disciple Ramzoo Abdulla's son. Meherabad the Hill  is a collection of his personal memoirs with Baba. The text of the Book is available on trustMeher for reference and free download.  For any re-publication of work, please obtain Authors permission on his E-mail: [email protected] 

P.G. Nandi's Diaries- by  P.G. Nandi

P.G. Nandi was posted as Divisional Engineer Telephones at Jabalpur,  when he met Meher Baba. This meeting changed his life completely. Baba often remembered him and wrote to him. Nandi also conducted God-Speaks classes in Jabalpur. This short article in his own words explains his story with Baba. 

Pankhraj - by Meera

Pankhraj was associated with Baba since early 1940's. As a student of Proff.C.D. Deshmukh he came to know about Baba. It so happened that Baba Himself performed his marriage in Panchgani in 1952 by making Gustadji stand as a Proxy Bride. Read for a description of his life with Baba. By his daughter Meera.

Dr. Arya's Story  - by Niket Kale 

Dr. S.V. Arya, was one of the founder teachers of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)  Kharagpur. Later he became Vice-Chancellor of Agriculture University and is now settled in Jabalpur. Read his life and how he came in to contact with Meher Baba

Kalemama's Diary - Original Diary pages of Kalemama (R.B.Kale)

Kalemama was Meher Baba's old Mandali and disciple. He met Baba in 1926, and since became His disciple. A Civil Engineer by profession, Kalemama also had the opportunity to meet Sai Baba, Shri Narayan Maharaj and Shri Upasni Maharaj a number of times. Read the details of his meeting with the Perfect Masters, in his own handwriting.

Baba's Sudama - Sullu Meshram

Sullu  Meshram was very dear to Baba, even Baba compared his love for him with Sudama, the friend of Lord Krishna. (Lord Meher page 2769 "Such devotees and lovers should be worshipped". Baba then joined his own hands together and closed his eyes as if praying something the mandli had never seen him do before)  Read stories from his life..

Discourses of Meher Baba

Read a few of the Discourses of  Meher Baba available on Bhopal Center web site.

Meher Baba on Wikipedia | | Britanica |


Letters to Zetetic

A compilation of the 159 family letters from Meher Baba to Proff. A.K. Hazra in digital form along with English translation from the original. By Keith Gunn..

Poetry of the Heart  & Mind

The poetry page of the American Baba  web site.

Hindi Poems by Dr.Yogesh Dubey
(PDF Format)

Dr.Yogesh Dubey is Assistant Professor at The Indian Institute of Forest Management - Bhopal (India)

Poetry of Craig Ruff

Craig's poetry page on the USA web site.

Hafiz - Life & Poetry

A Web site on Meher Baba's favorite poet Hafiz.

More resource on Hafiz and his peoms.

A Tribute to Rumi

Another  Web site on Meher Baba's favorite poet Rumi.


Most Comprehensive Web Site on Geeta and teachings of Lord Krishna by Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.



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  • Painting of Meher Baba by Gopal Pendore, Jabalpur.

  • The Krishna's art painting is a image of detail of a larger painting  by B. G. Sharma from the book Entering the Spiritual World, copyright 2000 by the Mandala Publishing Group.


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